‘It’s good to talk’

Counselling is a type of talking therapy of that that allows you to talk about your problems and feelings in a confidential and safe environment. it helps you to cope with life’s difficulties and create positive change. It also helps you to understand your feelings and behavior and find solutions

I offer a bespoke counselling program using a blend of therapy drawn from the many theoretical approaches and schools of thought, such as CBT, Psychodynamic Counseling, transactional analysis, NLP and mindfulness.

I do understand that sometimes opening up and talking about problems can be difficult and I assure you that you will always be treated with sympathy and respect.

For more information : Please contact me by phone at  07795901850 or use the email contact page

I offer counselling services to Adults, Teenagers and am fully enrolled and registered with the BACP

Sessions are usually 55 minutes, however shorter or longer sessions can be arranged as needed.


During the covid 19 outbreak, I will be providing all my services through an online platform or by telephone. I am also offering discounted sessions.
Please call me on 07795901850.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)